Barella History: Ambrogio Barella

Ambrogio Barella was born 27 September 1828 in Lake of Como, Italy. It was probably in Gravedonna or Germesino.

On 27 June 1840, he married Geertruida Cornelia Lamareca in Zwolle, Holland and they settled in Amsterdam and he worked as a weather glass/barometer/instrument maker. Amsterdam was chosen because there were already Barellas residing there - his uncle Donatelus Barella (son of Clement Barella and Maria Comota), who had married Theresia Elisabeth Butti. Donatelus and Theresia were already working as barometer makers, which was the family trade for many Holland Barellas from ca. 1790 to ca. 1895 1 .

Ambrogio and Geertruida had 3 children, two daughters and a son, before she passed away during childbirth of their second son. Both she and the infant died on 29 July 1868.

Ambrogio remarried in Amsterdam to Sophia Augustina Schuman, and they moved to Dordrecht, Holland. There they had a child, Giorgio Ambrogio Soffio Barella, born on the 5 August 1872.


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