Barella History

Photograph of Zoli Ernesto & Caterina Barella. (Researched & provided by David Casali.)

The American Barellas

I'm still trying to piece this early stuff together. I'm not certain it's quite correct.

Ernesto Barella, born 15 December 1854. He married Caterina (?-1919) and had four children, who were:

Michael Barella. He married Olympia Cantore and had children, who were:

The Dutch Barellas

Ambrogio Barella, born 27 September 1828. He married Geertruida Cornelia Lamarca (- 27 July 1868) and had some children, who were:

Following Geertruida's death in childbirth, Ambrogio remarried to Sophia Augustina Schuman and had children:

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Thanks to David Casali for the photo of Caterina & Ernesto, and for the family tree details of his lineage.

Thanks to Fred Barella for information on the Amsterdam Barella family.

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