Barella History

Photograph of Zoli Ernesto & Caterina Barella. (Researched & provided by David Casali.)

The American Barellas

I'm still trying to piece this early stuff together. I'm not certain it's quite correct.

Ernesto Barella, born 15 December 1854. He married Caterina (?-1919) and had four children, who were:

  • Clorindo Barella (senior), 1888–1960. He married Frances Guillion (1890s-1983) and had family:
    • Catherine, 25 May 1917–26 February 1996. She neither married nor had children.
    • Theresa 14 October 1918–2 January 2005. She neither married nor had children.
    • Frank 21 August 1920–13 February 2007. He married and had family:
      • Frank Jr.
      • Thomas R., who had two children:
        • a daughter
        • Thomas J. Barella
      • Andrew
      • Timothy
    • Emma, 1922–2004. She married Bill Smith (?-1991) and had family:
      • Richard
    • Alivia, born 1924. She died at age 10 of a ruptured appendix.
    • Richard, 1926–1945, was killed in World War II during a battle at Iwo Jima.
    • Earnest, born 1929. He married Gladys Miller and had family:
      • Cindy Miller (from Gladys's previous marriage)
      • Pam Miller (same)
      • Donald Miller (same)
      • Joseph
    • Rosemary, born 1932. She married Bill Hall and had family:
      • Peter
      • Billy
      • James, who was killed in a motorcycle accident.
      • Wendy
      • Susan
    • Joe (Clorindo junior), 1937–2013. He married Patricia Kuehl and had family:
      • Jim Ferreira (from Patricia's previous marriage), who with Sharon Campbell had family:
        • Cody
      • Patricia Ferreira (same), who had children:
        • Tim Smolen
        • Jacob Column
      • Perette, originally known as Peter, who has had no children.
      • Elaine and "Cookie" Lindenfeld (informally adopted from his first marriage to Lillian)
  • Teresa (?-1920), who had two children before she died of Scarlet Fever:
    • Irma Valli
    • Roger Valli
  • Baptiste Barella, who married Clementine Rougout and had children:
    • Evelyn
    • Ernest
  • Livia Barella, who married Victor Cuotto and had family:
    • Raymond
    • Felix
  • Emma Barella (1905–?), who married Theodore Zoli and had family:
    • Corinne, who had 4 children:
      • David Casali was one of them
    • Jeanne
    • Theodore, Jr.

Michael Barella. He married Olympia Cantore and had children, who were:

  • Edward Barella (8 September 1906–20 June 2004), who married Angelina Oppito and had family:
    • Eric, who married Marge.
    • Joyce, who married Louis Mastracco.
  • John (?-1953)

The Dutch Barellas

Ambrogio Barella, born 27 September 1828. He married Geertruida Cornelia Lamarca (- 27 July 1868) and had some children, who were:

  • Two daughters
  • One son.

Following Geertruida's death in childbirth, Ambrogio remarried to Sophia Augustina Schuman and had children:

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Thanks to David Casali for the photo of Caterina & Ernesto, and for the family tree details of his lineage.

Thanks to Fred Barella for information on the Amsterdam Barella family.

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